Of Silk & Salt in French guidebook "le petit futé"





   The fascinating story of Nepali Dhaka fabric

by Inside Himalaya


Tastes from the Silk Road

  • A newly opened restaurant-cum-store in Patan presents a French-Swiss couple’s inventive take on the Hippie Trail

Ella Maillard - Le temps d'un bivouac - France Inter


For French Speaker and Silk Road lovers


     A Nepali village in Kanchaburi, Thailand

created after World War II !

     Surprising article in Nepali Times



The Himalayan times

publishes an article

about our cafe / restaurant

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  • ARTE reportage – “60s – Des hippies chez les Soviets.” 17/11/2017 50% 50%

“The first European tourist bus to cross Iran was probably Société Dubreuil’s La route des Indes. In the spring 1956, its Chausson coach left Porte d’Italie in Paris under police escort with two well-know actresses – Danielle Delorme and Micheline Presle- and fourteen passengers on board. Two engineers and a complete set of spare parts accompanied them on a second coach. The 2-months 8’733 mile journey to Bombay, which apparently went as per timetable and without a mechanical incident, also took in Italy, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan. Iraq, and Pakistan. After it return Dubreuil never attempted to run another trip, even though 22,000 people watched the film of the journey at the Gaumont cinema in Place Clichy.
The next year a British travelling salesman, Paddy Garrow-Fisher, established the first regular coach service to subcontinent. For almost a decade, ‘The Indiaman’ operated the world’s longest bus route from London King’s Cross across the Middle East to Bombay and Calcutta. “

Such an hippie trail’s song! check on Cat’s steven hippie friend sitting by him : )

I would  add to the bellow list:

Himalaya  from Eric Valli,

Seven years in Tibet,

Sidharta, vintage -1972- adaption of Herman Hesse’s famous novel

For french speaker: l’improbable “les chemins de kathmandu, adaptation de Barjavel, featuring Serge Gainsbourd et Jane Birkin